About Me

I am a Harrogate (Yorkshire, UK) based photographer who has been taking photographs from about the age of 10. My interest has waned from time to time, but I always came back to it.

Today I am a real enthusiast for the art.


My first camera was a Kodak Brownie 127, a very simple camera, suitable for taking photographs on bright and sunny days, but over the years I have moved onwards and upwards and now possess a Nikon DSLR.


In the 1990’s I took a landscape photography course in the English Lake District. This course, led by local Lakes landscape photographer Frank Stirrup, opened my eyes for the first time to what photography was all about:


It taught me not only to look, but also to see. It taught me to observe the effect of light. It showed me composition and camera angles.


I have embraced digital photography and the enhanced creative opportunities it provides me with and I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Elements to manage and process my images and to create images and image effects beyond that which is seen through the lens.


I don't specialise in any particular field of photography. I take photographs of those things that interest me and which I feel make images that draw the viewer in; that delight, amuse, confuse or surprise.

I am a member of Harrogate Photographic Society and gained LRPS distinction in 2015.

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